Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christams frames | Love Frames | new year Frames

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"

This is the time to celebrate festive mood Christmas and valentine's day, New year ,for you to decorating your lovely HD Photos.

Themes of photo frames:
1. Christmas photo frames.It's Beautiful Real and fell HD Frames..
2. Love photo frames.It's Beautiful Real and fell HD Frames.
3. New Year photo frame.It's Beautiful Real and fell HD Frames..

Features of Photo frames..

* Select a frame button choose a 3 different design themes: Christmas frames and Love and New year..
* Select a photo From the gallery or take photo from camera..
* Rotate photo zoom in zoom with options.
* Apply multiple filter color effect to your photo like : Grey Scale, sepia...
* You can save your photo with frame to your SD card in high quality.
* share your beautiful picture social net work like Facebook

Download Link :christmasframes

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

3D Christmas Live wallpaper | New year Live wallpaper 2014 | apppinch

     Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

Get Ready  Enjoy your phone count you down to Christmas and The New Year!
Enjoy Our free  6 different beautiful 3d animated dynamic  Christmas live wallpapers" like Christmas star , Christmas bell, Christmas ball,  particle  cont down, and
plus an exiting Countdown  to Christmas and  New Year ....

* Christmas Star,  (With animated camera zoom motion Slow, medium,Fast)
* Christmas Bell    (with animated camera zoom motion  Slow, medium,Fast)
* Christmas  Ball  (with animated camera zoom motion Slow, medium,Fast )
* Countdown scene  (Happy Christmas and New Year2014)
* Set  your countdown Christmas and New year festival days...
* Happy Christmas scene(with Falling stars and   fire works)
* Happy New Year scene (with falling stars and 2014 titles)

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3D Christmas Live wall paper Install Link:-:3Dchristmas LIve wall paper 

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